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Female Warriors

There is a woman, Khadija Gbla, who has been teaching the world about a horrific practice that takes place even today in many parts of the world.  Australia, Africa, America, all over wherever the culture follows its people. This practice is known as female genital mutilation, and it is absolutely terrible.  Khadija has been through this (and there are many, way too many, that have shared her ordeal).  She has been both a witness to and the victim of this, the worst form of child abuse.  She has struggled to come to terms with her loss.  Can there ever again be wholeness?  Can we imagine, girls?

In spite of this she is a channel of healing going out to all of us here on earth.  A most beautiful light she is.  An attitude of humility and honesty flowed from her as she enlightens us to this tragedy, more common than we would ever expect or know.  

Every female has the sovereign right to her body, and yes to her clitoris.  Listen, I was raised Victorian style and I’m pretty certain repression is not the answer for our girls and women either.  God help me, I’ve been up and down that road and it’s a one way street back to suffering and misery.  We have the right to have our bodies intact and whole (along with all of the pain and the pleasure that they bring).  Every one of us has the right to the fullness that physical love and sex brings to our lives and our loves.  It is food for our souls.

I’m writing this because we are all in this together.  I want freedom for all of us.  I want happiness and yes, pleasure.  Saying our truth is an extraordinary necessity.  I am awed by the courage of Khadija and others who bravely share their story.  I can’t imagine being as brave as she is, but I will try to follow her example, the way she has taken her pain and created a path to healing and meaning … not only for herself but for others.  Kadija has turned her anger into action.  Beautiful Kadija, you don’t know how you have affected me!

Culture and tradition should never be a defense for the perpetuation of child abuse!  Sign the petitions at, and let’s all spread the word in any way we can for this cause.  We never know when a child may be helped, a mother empowered to protect her daughter, a father who might be educated to realize compassion and understanding that this is abuse they do not want inflicted upon their daughters. 

”Alone, all alone
Nobody, but nobody 
Can make it out here alone.” – Maya Angelou